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What is a dynotag?


A dynotag is an innovative Web/GPS enabled Quick Response (QR) Smart Tag that can be used with a smartphone or any web browser. It is tough, waterproof, has advanced features yet uses NO electronics or batteries to worry about. There are NO additional purchases or subscriptions - your dynotag wiorks for you forever!

Easy to own and use, the dynotag instantly displays any information you entered on your private web information page. Display your contact information, medical condition, or a reward for lost property - the choice is yours.

You can even get an automatic e-mail every time a particular tag is viewed, with date, time and precise location information when available. There is ample storage and you can easily update your information at any time. Others can only view what you choose to share - only you, the owner, can update the tag contents and see the access logs and the live access map.

Designed, manufactured and supported in the U.S., these are the most advanced Consumer Smart Tags available of their kind, utilizing the latest technologies and materials, ready to serve your needs in the Internet Age. Our exclusive, industrial strength Dynotag Cloud service works for you 24/7, making your tags even faster and smarter over time!

Buy with confidence - your total satisfaction with Dynotag® products is our goal!  Pick from the largest selection of purpose-built, ready to use dynotags ranging from Luggage Tags, Tough Stickers and Smart Pet tags to Emergency ID tags, Deluxe Keychain tags and even Kids Safety T-Shirts, with more exciting products coming on-line all the time. Working closely with Amazon, we will see to it your dynotags promptly show up at your doorsteps. Makes a great gift for your loved ones, too!

P.S.: Watch a fun video describing dynotags  HERE .


What is a dynotag?

A dynotag is an advanced Web-enabled, GPS assisted QR Smart Tag that can be read using a smartphone or a computer. NO batteries or moving parts. Easy to use, the dynotag instantly displays any information you, its owner, wants to share such as contact information, medical information, documents, photos, recordings. Ample storage for your information included on the dynotag, and you can easily update your information at ANY time using a web browser. Your dynotag works for life, there is NO subscription cost.

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